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“Even if it weren’t for their straw-blond manes and warm-hearted eyes...” Professions of love such as this have been made by many a proud owner of a Haflinger horse.

Hallmarks of today’s Haflinger include the blond mane and fox-coloured fur that have been passed onto him by his forefathers, the white-maned Sarner horse. Originally, colour played no significant role in breeding.

Just a few decades ago, this horse was being used for light work; today, the 140–155 cm Haflinger is bred as a family and recreational horse for a wide array of equestrian sports. An excellent character, a great deal of willingness to perform, and an even temperament are some of the breeding objectives – together with a well-proportioned body, which makes for an elegant and dynamic horse. The guileless and charming look comes the breeding goal of large and expressive eyes and a dry, well-shaped head.

The Haflinger is often described as an especially patient and friendly horse. Nevertheless – and this is probably part of what makes him so likeable – the Haflinger also sometimes quite likes to make his own decisions. Life in the Alps does indeed require some degree of independence.

The Unterwirt Haflinger stud farm has been breeding these good-natured golden chestnuts for more than forty years; the farm also offers Haflingers for sale. Georg Oberkofler is at your disposal for a consultation or meeting


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