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The friendly and lively Haflinger well suits with the history and geography of its place of origin, the Tschoggelberg and the Sarentein. This horse has also influenced the history of a whole family - the Oberkofler family. From the Salten upland they have contributed to the evolution of this breed.
"Unterwirt Franz" - Franz Oberkofler - was only 19 years old when, in 1962, he invested 165.000 Lire buying his first Haflinger. This was the first step in a long journey that still continues. Franz Oberkofler is member of the Haflinger Breeding Association din 1969 and has become one of the most important horse experts in Monzoccolo.
The passion for the beautiful blond mane has continued through the years and has influenced the whole family, especially Georg, the son who is leading the renewed breeding farm, which was opened in 2012 - another important year for the family.

The Unterwirt Haflinger breeding
Our Haflinger breeding counts approximately 50 horses. Georg himself likes to ride our Haflingers. They are used for breeding, are sold ore are engaged in riding activities. Maybe you have already fallen in love with our blond manes? Than come and visit our farm! 


allevamento haflinger 2Our Haflingers
1 to 2 stallions - Unterwirt is an official stud station
2 to 4 young stallions every year. After 30 months they are included in the stallion gathering
Approximately 20 Haflinger foals every year
10 to 15 one-year old mares every year
10 to 15 two-year old mares every year
10 to 15 riding horses used for riding activities







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